The pastry chef training requirements

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    What’s in the pastry course ?

    The EISF course to become a pastry chef, includes a theoretical and a practical module :

    • The theory module teaches you the properties of the raw materials that are used in the different pastry recipes. Like for example, the starch in flour that has gelling properties.
    • The theory also presents all the health and safety rules necessary to apply when making pastry recipes.
    • The gestures and professional techniques presented in the 70 video recipes cover all the basic know-how of French pastry. The video recipes are very complete. They are accompanied by a step-by-step module which details the actions of the trainer step by step. A recipe sheet completes this working material.
    • The step by step shows you photos of all the different steps of the recipe that must be sent to the tutor so that he can validate your work. The tutor is a pastry and training professional. With the photos you send, he knows how to help you, if necessary, to achieve a perfect dessert.
    • The question of the flavors does not arise at this stage. If you respect the quantities of the ingredients mentioned in the recipe data sheets, you will make a tasty dessert. Here, it’s more a question of knowing and mastering the techniques of the professionals. Once these techniques are well understood, you can start creating your own recipes.

    Training Program

    Theoritical content – 95 hours

    Module 1 : Professional and Artistic Culture – 15 hours

    4 theoretical courses
    Know the historical and artistic bases of the profession, the professional vocabulary, and the organization of the production

    Module 2 : Raw Materials – 55 hours

    16 theoretical courses
    Know the raw materials used in pastry, their properties, and the conditions of their use

    Module 3 : Science – 25 hours

    6 theoretical courses
    Know the basics of nutrition, dietetics, and hygiene

    Mock Exam – 7 hours

    Carry out the exam subjects to practice organizing your production work in the same time conditions as those of the final exam. *

    * Included only in the « Complete Package »

    Pratical content – 340 hours

    Module 1 : Tarts
    15 Practical recipes
    Master the techniques of shortcrust, sweet almond and Breton shortbread dough and the realization of the different sweet tarts

    Module 2 : Puff pastry
    9 Practical recipes
    Master the puff pastry technique and its various recipes

    Module 3 : Viennoiseries
    7 Practical recipes
    Master the techniques of leavened puff pastry dough and its various recipes

    Module 4 : Travel Cakes
    4 Practical recipes
    Master the technique of cakes with candied fruits, madeleines and financiers

    Module 5 : Entremets
    14 Practical recipes
    Master the biscuits, creams, ganaches, inserts, glazes and finishing touches that allow the realization of classic French entremets like the Opera, Fraisier to name a few.

    Module 6 : Choux pastry
    9 Practical work
    Master the techniques of Choux pastry dough and its various recipes

    Module 7 : Gluten-free
    6 Practical recipes
    Master the techniques of making gluten-free recipes

    Module 8 : Confectionery
    4 Practical recipes
    Master the techniques of making French candy recipes

    Module 9 : Professional techniques
    4 Practical techniques
    Master various professional gestures